What is the Internet of People (IoP)?

Currently, the internet is experiencing exponential growth, a factor that is forcing people to be more integrated into technology and related devices. In this day and age, humans are at the heart of controlling the internet. Personal devices now acting as the bridge between the cyber world or cyberspace and the physical world. One innovation emerging from this fast expansion of the internet is the Internet of People.


Internet of People

Internet of People (IoP) is an open-source and decentralized technology where humans not only act as end-users of internet applications (passive) but as active elements. Unlike a few years ago, IoP is no longer a new term in the world of internet users. A good number of people now understand that it is only with IoP that special internet services will be exploitable to enable end-to-end connectivity on a global scale.

This decentralized technology infrastructure enables interconnection of peer to peer networks hence allowing interactions without going through a vertical communication management system or a central server. Internet of People can share information, but it can only happen if the user has consented. The main aim of this invention in the internet arena was to eliminate middlemen when performing transactions online.

The emergence and growth of the Internet of People have brought to the world of personal electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and related networks more powerful inventions. The production of these devices for example is shifting to the development of more friendly interfaces. If you thought that stretchable, invisible and woven devices were nowhere to be seen in the near future, IoP is making these inventions now come true.

Many user devices will embed with models of human behavior in such a way that the communication will be so natural. This will enable personal devices to behave as human users when confronted by human-related situations, in terms of providing solutions and making decisions. Also, the interdisciplinary approach revolving Internet of People is now providing a perfect communication system around the globe.


IoP crypto (Internet of People crypto)

All that the crypto world has been trying to do since its introduction is eliminating middlemen who compromise transaction done online. If you take a closer look at other cryptocurrencies available, you will realize that many focus on one section of the centralized world. These are the reasons why no cryptocurrency can offer services such as payments, apps and organizations as one package. With IoP crypto this is not the case. This technology infrastructure deals with the internet as a whole entity. Also, it can provide all the sections common in the centralized world.

On sharing your data, Internet of People crypto rewards you for the data. The good thing with the Internet of People crypto is that it does not require you to have complex hardware to participate and mine the coins. With a home pc or a smartphone, you can run IOP nodes from any location. This is one of the factors that enable IoP crypto to remain at the top of the pack when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

IoP cryptocurrency interesting facts

There aro some IoP cryptocurrency interesting facts:

  • The price of IoP has not yet faced too many changes. The average value of individual IOP cryptocurrency has remained in the range of $ 0.4-$ 11 for the past five years.
  • IoP is building a technology stack to meet the needs of users in the web 3.0 world. The stack will comprise a wide variety of software, development tools and services to fulfill the needs of users in terms of transactions and general living.
  • IoP cryptocurrency aims at following international standards to allow developers to create their software more easily. This will of course be enabled by the technology stack mentioned above.
  • Its future is more promising than what it has already offered. Although IOP seems like a cryptocurrency still in its development stages, for now, it has the potential to be one of the worthy and viable cryptocurrencies to invest in soon.


In conclusion, it can be said that IOP is the right partner for people who are conscious of the privacy and security of their data on the internet. While investing in this cryptocurrency may seem like an impractical process at the moment, it has the potential of revolutionizing not only the cryptocurrency world but the internet as a whole. With all the innovations happening in the digital arena, you will only gain if you take the risk to invest in IoP at a time like this.

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