Internet of People Gemeenschap

Internet of People Gemeenschap

Ons doel is om dit project meer naamsbekendheid te geven en mensen aan te trekken welke onze visie op een moderne wereld delen. We moedigen iedere activiteit aan welke in één van de onderstaande categorieën valt: 


Deze meertalige website bevat alle benodigde informatie over met name de Internet of People (IoP).


We hebben diensten ingebouwd welke ervoor zorgen dat mensen die een visie delen, makkelijk met elkaar in contact kunnen komen


We geloven dat iedere actie welke positief bijdraagt aan de ontwikkeling van Internet of People, geëvalueerd en beloond moet worden


De beste ideeën voor de verdere ontwikkeling van de Internet of People worden uitgekozen om door middel van een "Contribution Contract"(CC) verder uitgevoerd te worden


IoP News

06 juli 2017
Who are we ? We are a young Belgian team. We are working to optimize the use of electronics. The intention is to provide a personalized device to people, adapted to their need. We have different Concepts in Idee. Such as an alarm system equipped...

IoP Gemeenschap Geschiedenis

IoP Community Next Task

Remaking menu map 61 Days
June 10 2017 - current time

Internet of People Community

We invite everyone who is interested in a truly decentralized organization of this project to participate in achieving to build the Internet of People. A place for people made by people.
June 14 2017

Fermat Project Split Announcement

The Fermat Project founders officially announced the split between a group self-defined as the IoP Community and the rest of the Fermat Community.
June 10 2017

IoP Community Independency Declaration

IoP Community containing Chapters of different countries, long-standing developers and other community members after long discussions declared independence from the “Fermat Project” and its founders that started to develop an Internet of People but failed to reach their goals and keep their promises.We started the implementation of the original IoP vision and continue work in this way.We want to show how a Internet of People can be implemented in a decentralized way.
April 30 - June 10 2017

New Decisions By Fermat Project

Fermat Project radically changed their view pointes about the way of IoP, solutions for implementation IoP vision and democratic, decentralized governance system.
April (28 - 30) 2017

Fermat Conference Meeting

First real-life meeting between developers,founders,investors and chapters. A lot of questions were asked, a lot of them were answered.
1Q 2017

Best Fermat Times

One by one Fermat Project announced Profile Server v1.0 , LOC Network v1.0 , CAN Network v1.0 ,Contributions App and Voting App. A lot of people connected in that time and trusted in the future of the Internet of People.
4Q 2016

IoP Tokken

The project started its blockchain and began mining IoP tokens, the essential element of the incentive system intended to catalyze the build out of the Internet of People. IoP tokens were soon listed on 3 cryptocurrency exchanges.
Autumn 2016 - Spring 2017

Chapters Network

Markus Maiwald, who developed the chapter structure, and Sarah Klostermair, who was responsible for social media and community management, the project began to open chapters and win adherents all over the world.
Summer 2016 - Winter 2017


The project was ready to start going live with key components and concepts. On the infrastructure side this began with alpha versions of the components needed to create the open social graph,including the profile server, the location-based network, and the content address network.
Winter 2016 - Summer 2016

Internet of People

The idea of enabling direct connections for any type of application was established by Fermat founders and developers. It was then that the full vision of the Internet of People was born.
2014 - Summer 2016

Fermat Project

Fermat is the brainchild of Luis Fernando Molina and his old mentor and long-time friend Guillermo Villanueva.The initial Fermat Vision was established.In this way the project developed during the fall of 2014 and throughout 2015, changing people and carrying out a great deal of experimentation and the development work.